October 3, 2015

Groovelink Harvest, Pulaski, NY

1   C'est La Vie-Strugglin' Man-Lonesome (And A Long Way From Home)-Someday Baby-My Sisters And Brothers-China Cat Sunflower>Shakedown Street-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Lay Down Sally-After Midnight*-Deal*
2   Turn On Your Lovelight-Get Out Of My Life-The Harder They Come-They Love Each Other-Tore Up Over You-That's Alright Mama>Don't Let Go-Standing On The Moon-Franklins Tower-Mr.Charlie**-Not Fade Away**>Throwin'Stones rap>Not Fade Away**
*Guest Horns by McClanahan Revival
**Guest vocals by Kathy Petrie

September 12, 2015

Who Hill Family Campout, Doylestown, PA

1   Deal-Sisters And Brothers-Tore Up Over You-Lonesome (And A Long Way From Home-Someday Baby-Get Outta My Life Woman-That's Alright Mama-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Mr. Charlie*-Possum-Strugglin' Man
*Dotman on Harmonica

August 29, 2015

Wizfest, Laurens, NY

1   Eyes of the World>Jam>Sugaree-That's Alright Mama>Mystery Train-I Second That Emotion-Sitting In Limbo-Fire on the Mountain
*Also on the bill - Mystery Train and Sticky Greens

August 28, 2015

World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

1   Deal-Standing on the Moon-Lonesome and a Long Way From Home-Mr. Charlie-That's Alright Mama-After Midnight-And It Stoned Me*-Lay Down Sally-Werewolves of London-Morning Dew-Lovelight
*Graham Ford (Karmic Repair Co.) on mandolin
**Karmic Repair Co. opened the show

August 12, 2015

White Clay Creek Park, Newark, DE

1   Eyes Of The World- They Love Each Other- Get Of My Life- China Cat Sunflower>Shakedown Street- My Sisters And Brothers -Someday Baby> Aiko Aiko- Ride The Mighty High -That's Alright Mama- Harder They Come


August 1, 2015

Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA

1   Lonesome(And A Long Way From Home)>Franklin's Tower-Catfish John-After Midnight-Ride The Mighty High- Strugglin' Man- Deal
*LA Stevenson on saxophone
**opened for Box of Rain

July 12, 2015

Watering Hull, Stone Harbor, NJ

1   Second That Emotion-Sugaree-Love In The Afternoon Shakedown Street>Good Lovin'-Big Boss Man-Tore Up Over You-Harder They Come-Gommorah-Might As Well
2   Friend Of The Devil-How Sweet It Is-Cats Under The Stars-They Love Each Other-Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox-Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain-Dear Prudence-Get Out Of My Life


July 11, 2015

Pickering Creek Inn, Phoenixville, PA

1   It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry-Deep Elem Blues-Wild Horses-Stella Blue-That's Alright Mama>Midnight Moonlight-High Time-Deal-Panama Red
2   Ride The Mighty High-Cumberland Blues-Aiko Aiko**-US Blues-After Midnight**-Lively Up Yourself**-Werewolves of London-Mystery Train*>Walking In Your Footsteps*>Throwing Stones*>Not Fade Away*
*Raija Madsen on vocals
** L.A. on saxophone

July 10, 2015

Tex Mex Connection, North Wales, PA

1   When I Paint My Masterpiece>Peggy-O-It Must Have Been The Roses-C'Est La (You Never Can Tell)- Harder They Come-Lonesome (And A Long Way From Home)-Second That Emotion-Stop That Train-Cumberland Blues-Good Lovin'-Bertha
2   China Cat Sunflower>Shakedown Street>Franklin s Tower>Eyes of the World-After Midnight-Lay Down Sally-Ain't No Bread In The Bread-Tangled Up in Blue
*Gary Baumeister on bass

July 3, 2015

Golden Inn Beach Bar, Avalon, NJ

1   That's What Love Will Make You Do Don't Let Go-Aiko Aiko-Tore Up-Catfish John-Strugglin' Man-Get Out My Life-I Saw Her Standing There-Lonesome (And A Long Way From Home)
2   After Midnight-Roses Are Free-That's Alright Mama>Midnight Moonlight-Franklin's Tower-Man Up Blues*-High Heel Sneakers-C'est La Vie-Not Fade Away
*Dave Alexander on vocals

June 20, 2015

Pickering Creek Inn, Phoenixville, PA

1   Cumberland Blues-Expressway To Your Heart-And It Stoned Me-High Heel Sneakers - Money Honey-Positively Fourth Street-Shining Star-Ride The Mighty High
2   Cats Under The Stars-Maggies Farm-Eyes of the World-Gotta Serve Somebody-Someday Baby-Second That Emotion-Cest La Vie (You Never Can Tell)-Mr.Charlie-Strugglin' Man-Lovelight


June 19, 2015

Golden Inn Beach Bar, Avalon, NJ

1   Lay Down Sally-The Way You Do The Things You Do-I'll Take A Melody-Deep Elem Blues-Mystery Train>New Speedway Boogie-Werewolves Of London-Mighty High-Run For The Roses- Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox
2   After Midnight-Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain-Cats Under The Stars-Johnny Too Bad- Harder They Come-Next Time You See Me- Get Out Of My Life Woman- They Love Each Other


June 12, 2015

Golden Inn Beach Bar, Avalon, NJ

1   Harder They Come-That's What Love Will Make You Do- Ramble On Rose-That's Alright Mama>Midnight Moonight-Catfish John-Tore Up-Eyes Of The World
2   Bertha>Good Lovin'-How Sweet It is- My Sisters And Brothers-Franklin's Tower-Deal>Don't Let Go-Stop That Train-He's Gone-Tangled Up In Blue
Encore: China Cat Sunflower>Shakedown Street

June 6, 2015

Holy Hound Taproom, York, PA

1   Sugaree-Let It Rock-Peggy O-Duprees Diamond Blues-Ramble on Rose-Get Out Of My Life Woman-The Way You Do Things You Do-Eyes Of The World-Waiting For A Miracle
2   Boogie On Reggae Woman-Shakedown Street-Viola Lee Blues-Lay Down Sally-Sitting In Limbo-Good Lovin'>'Bertha-Struggln' Man- Catfish John-Tore up-Johnny B.Goode
*Keith Snyder on.bass
**John Bigham on keyboards

June 5, 2015

Kennett Flash, Kennett Square, PA

1   Franklin's Tower-The Way You Do TheThings You Do-Get Outta My Life-Stop That Train-That's Alright Mama>Tangled Up In Blue
2   Cumberland Blues>They Love Each Other-Sisters And Brothers-Cats Under The Stars-Second That Emotion-Tore Up-Ripple


May 30, 2015

Goodtimes Getdown 2, White Haven, PA

1   China Cat Sunflower>Shakedown Street-How Sweet It Is-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Midnight Moonlight>That's Alright '-Deal-Don't Let Go-Harder They Come-Eyes Of The World-Little Red Rooster*-Sugaree
*Bob Sannino on vocal

April 24, 2015

Minglewood Saloon, Philadelphia, PA

1   Alice's Restaurant tuning- The Harder They Come-Positively Fourth Street-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Don't Let Go-That's Alright Mama>Mystery Train>After Midnight-Get Out Of My Life-Second That Emotion-Eyes Of the World*-China Cat Sunflower*> Fire On The Mountain*-Franklins Tower*-Big Boss Man*#-Turn On Your Lovelight#*
^Jerry Marks on vocals
*David Gans on vocals and guitar
**David Gans opened the show

April 18, 2015

Mermaid Inn, Philadelphia, PA

1   Shining Star-Brokedown Palace-Catfish John-Last Time-Swing Low Sweet Chariot-Candyman-Cumberland Blues-Eyes Of The World-China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider
2   Cryptical Envelopment-Friend Of The Devil-China Doll-High Time-Equal Rights-Black Peter-GDTRFB-What Does It Matter-Women Are Smarter-Helpless-Here Comes Sunshine-Wheel-White Rabbit-Mr Charlie
*Acoustic Show
**Larry Planet on Bass

April 17, 2015

Holy Hound Taproom, York, PA

1   Sisters And Brothers>Don't Let Go>Tangled Up In Blue-Bertha>Good Lovin-Sitting In Limbo-Tennesee Jed-Think-Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox
2   Lay Down Sally-Cats Under The Stars-Deal>I'll Take A Melody-Mighty High-Harder They Come-Friend of the Devil-Loser-Dark Star>Other One> Cryptical Envelopment-Birdsong>US Blues


April 3, 2015

Sligo, Glen Mills, PA

1   Sugaree-Stop That Train-Ride The Mighty High-Love In The Afternoon-Cumberland Blues-Catfish John-Harder They Come-Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox>After Midnight
2   Brown Eyed Women-How Sweet It Is-Positively Fourth Street-Might As Well-Gotta Serve Somebody-Run For The Roses-Smokestack Lightning>Second That Emotion-Bertha


April 1, 2015

Whitpain Tavern, Blue Bell, PA

1   That's What Love Will Make You Do-Someday Baby-Money Honey-Don't Let Go>Deal-Eyes Of the World>After Midnight-Strugglin' Man
2   China Cat Sunflower>Shakedown Street-Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain-Hey Pocky Way-Terrapin Station-That's Alright Mama-He's Gone-Not Fade Away Encore My Sisters and Brothers-Mr.Charlie


March 21, 2015

Minglewood Saloon, Philadelphia, PA

1   Expressway To Your Heart > They Love Each Other-Minglewood Blues-Candyman-Midnight Moonlight-Mr Charlie*-New Speedway Boogie-Positively Fourth Street-Deal
2   Run For Roses-Hey Pocky Way-Sugaree-Cats Under The Stars-Johnny Too Bad-Get Out Of My Life-Sing Me Back Home-Tangled Up In Blue-Sisters And Brothers
*for Chuck Bednarik

March 7, 2015

Pulaski American Legion, Pulaski, NY

1   Franklins Tower-Cold Rain And Snow-How Sweet It Is-Harder They Come-Tore Up Over You-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Second That Emotion
2   Shakedown Street-The Way You Do The Things You Do-That's Alright Mama>Mystery Train-Eyes Of The World-China Cat Sunflower>Viola Lee Blues-Catfish John-Don't Let Go>Turn On Your Lovelight
3   Deep Elem Blues>Birdsong>Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox>Throwing Stones-Black Peter-Cumberland.Blues-High Time-Big Boss Man-Jack A Roe-Peggy O-Ripple Encore And We Bid You Goodnight


March 4, 2015

Whitpain Tavern, Blue Bell, PA

1   Alabama Getaway-Smokestack Lightning>He's Gone>Smokestack Lightening>Black Peter-Think-Mr Charlie-Franklin's Tower
2   Struggling Man-Man of Peace*-Let It Rock*-When Push Comes To Shove-Catfish John-I Can See Clearly Now-China Cat Sunflower>Hey Pocky Way%-Knockin' On Heavens Door-After Midnight

*Jeff from Sofa Kings on Harp
**George Felici on bass
%John Bigham vocals

February 20, 2015

Mermaid Inn, Philadelphia, PA

1   Lonesome (And A Long Way From Home)-I'll Take A Melody-Stop That Train-Tore Up-Someday Baby-Cats Under The Stars-Sitting In Limbo-Lay Down Sally-US Blues
2   Dear Prudence-Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain-Maggies Farm-Mission In The Rain-Welcome Back Kotter-Positively Fourth Street-After Midnight


February 19, 2015

Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA

1   Harder They Come-Ramble On Rose-How Sweet It Is-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Deal>That's Alright Mama-Get Outta My Life Woman-Things You Do-Tangled Up In Blue
2   China Cat Sunflower>Shakedown Street-Don't Let Go>Eyes Of The World>Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox>Mystery Train>Lovelight


January 31, 2015

Blue Dog Tavern, Chalfont, PA

1   The Way You Do The Things You Do-Someday Baby-Harder They Come-Sugaree-China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider-Aiko Aiko> Women Are Smarter-Shakedown Street
2   Next Time You See Me-Tangled Up In Blue-Up On Cripple Creek-Eyes Of The World>After Midnight-Casey Jones-Cumberland Blues>Possum-You Win Again-Knockin' On Heaven's Door-Lomesome (And A Long Way.From Home)
*Mike Gardner (CPP) on keyboards

January 24, 2015

World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

1   Don't Let Go-Tore Up-Stop That Train-That's Alright Mama>Mystery Train-Catfish John-Sitting In Limbo-Might As Well
2   They Love Each Other-Gotta Serve Somebody-The Harder They Come-Deal-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Bertha>Good Lovin
*Ras Mykl first show on drums
**Cayenne Mallory on vocals

January 17, 2015

Whitpain Tavern, Blue Bell, PA

1   Cats Under The Stars-Good Morning Little Schoolgirl-Cumberland Blues-Tore Up Over You-Althea-Big Boss Man-Mr.Charlie-The Way You Do The Things You Do
2   China Cat Sunflower>Hey Pocky Way-Pledging My Time-Cocaine>Lonesome (And A Long Way From Home)-That's Alright Mama-Hey Joe- Spanish Moon-Let It Rock Encore Mercedes Benz


January 7, 2015

Whitpain Tavern, Blue Bell, PA

1   Cold Rain And Snow-Get Outta My Life-Money Honey-High Heel Sneakers-Don't Let Go-Waiting For A Miracle- Black Peter>Jam>Franklins Tower
2   Scarlet Begonias>Women Are Smarter-Eyes Of The World-Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox-New Speedway Boogie*-Harder They Come-They Love Each Other-Think-
3   How Sweet It Is-Sisters And Brothers-Tough Mama-Not Fade Away
*Matt from Sofa Kings on vocal

January 2, 2015

World Cafe Live at the Queen, Wilmington, DE

1   That's What Love Will Make You Do-Sugaree-Positively Fourth Street-Someday Baby-I'll Take A Melody-Birdsong> I Saw Her Standing There>Birdsong-Tangled Up In Blue
2   Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain-Deal-Shakedown Street-Viola Lee Blues-Gommorah-Hey Pocky Way-Lovelight Encore How Sweet It Is


December 31, 2014

Triumph Brewpub, New Hope, PA

1   Cumberland Blues >Pig In A Pen-Midnight Moonlight-Jack A Roe-Panama Red-Thats Alright Mama>Mystery Train-Hobo Song-Friend of The Devil-Big Boss Man-Don't Ease Me In-Wild Horses-China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider
2   Roses Are Free*-Auld Lang Syne-Feelin Alright-Lay Down Sally-Stop That Train-Harder They Come-Dont Let Go-Second That Emotion-Eyes Of The World*-Bad Bad Leroy Brown*-Eyes Of The World*-After Midnight* *Michael Brenner on Acoustic Guitar


December 19, 2014

Pickering Creek Inn, Phoenixville, PA

1   Bertha-Positively Fourth Street-Cumberland Blues-Hobo Song-Gommorah-Black Peter-Panama Red-Blue Yodel #9-Maggies Farm-Eyes Of The World-It Takes Alot To Laugh
2    It Takes A Train To Cry-Deal
3   Pig in a Pen-China Cat Sunflower>I Know Rider-Up On Cripple Creek-Talkin' Blues-Run for the Roses-Midnight Moonlight-Wild Horses-Desolation Row-That's It For The Other One>Cyptical Envelopment-Dupree's Diamond Blues-Scarlet Begonias>Hard To Handle-New Speedway Boogie>Little Drummer boy-To Lay Me Down-Mr Charlie


December 5, 2014

Mermaid Inn, Philadelphia, PA

1   Midnight Moonlight-Highway 61>It Takes Alot To Laugh
2    It Takes A Train To Cry-Birdsong>New Speedway Boogie-Hobo Song-Little Sadie-Cumberland Blues-Dire Wolf-Blue Yodel #9- Jack A Roe
3   Panama Red-Gommorah-That's Alright Mama>Mystery Train-Sitting In Limbo-Ramble On Rose-Eyes Of The World-Big Boss Man-Viola Lee Blues-Mr.Charlie-Sisters And Brothers-Not Fade Away>Throwing Stones>NFA
*Happy 32nd Birthday Paul Jameson

November 22, 2014

Minglewood Saloon, Philadelphia, PA

1   Deep Elem Blues-Freight Train>Babe It Ain't No Lie-Gommorah-Stagger Lee-Ballad Of Casey Jones-Valerie-To Lay Me Down-China Doll-Reuben and Cherise
2   Jack A Roe-Going Going Gone-Little Sadie-Run For The Roses-Dire Wolf-All Around This World-Friend Of The Devil-It Takes Alot To Laugh-Sing Me Back Home-High Time-Ripple-Black Peter-How Sweet It Is-Mighty Quinn Encore Brokedown Palace
*Michael Morrow solo

November 19, 2014

Bar 31, Ambler, PA

1   Little Sadie-Panama Red-Gommorah-Hobo Song-Ballad Of Casey Jones-Crossroads Bar-Freight Train-Ride The Mighty High-Babe It Ain't No Lie-Hey Valerie-When Push Comes To Shove
2   The Weight-All Around This World-Jack A Roe-Lively Up Yourself-Man Of Constant Sorrow-Baby Out Of Jail-Sing Me Back Home-Midnight Moonlight-You Win Again-Land Of The Navajo-I Walk The Line-On The Road Again-Mystery Train-Forever Young


November 5, 2014

Bar 31, Ambler, PA

1   It Takes A Lot To Laugh
2    It Takes A.Train To Cry-Candyman-Bertha-If I Lose-New Speedway Boogie-Cold Rain And Snow-Sweet Melissa-Born Under A Bad Sign>Born On The Bayou>Throwing Stones
3   Jam>CC Rider-Hobo Song>Swing Low Sweet Chariot-On The Road Again-Soul Shakedown Party-Tangled Up On Blue>Lonesome And A Long Way From Home-Up In Cripple Creek-Love The One Your With-Soulshine-Sisters And Brothers-We Bid You Goodnight


November 1, 2014

National Lands Trust Benefit, Chester Springs, PA

1   Deep Elem Blues-Blue Yodel 9-Friend Of The Devil-That's All Right Mama>Mystery Train-Catfish John-Sisters And Brothers-Jack a Roe-Every Word You Say-Midnight Moonlight
2   Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain-Next Time You See Me-High Heel Sneakers-Eyes Of The World-Wild Horses-Franklins Tower-Turn On Your Lovelight
3   High Time-Rosalie McFall-On The Road Again-Black Peter-Panama Red-Pig In A Pen-Cumberland Blues-They Love Each Other-Ripple


October 31, 2014

Minglewood Saloon, Philadelphia, PA

1   That's What Love Will Make You Do-The Way You Do The Things You Do-How Sweet It Is-Don't Let Go-Franklin's Tower-Sitting In Limbo-Midnight Moonlight-Eyes Of The World>After Midnight-They Love Each Other>Possum-Harder They Come-Shakedown Street>Werewolves Of London


October 30, 2014

Minglewood Saloon, Philadelphia, PA

1   Thrill Is Gone-Dire Wolf-Spikedriver Blues-Peggy O-Birdsong-I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail-Jack A Roe-That's Allright Mama>Mystery Train-Ripple-Hobo Song


October 18, 2014

Mermaid Inn, Philadelphia, PA

1   Dont Let Go-Mission In The Rain-The Harder They Come-Think-Aiko Aiko-Money Honey-Lay Down Sally>That's Alright Mama
2   Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain-Lady With A Fan>Terrapin Station-Loser-That's The Touch I Like-Get Out Of My Life>Jam>Knockin' On Heavens Door-Turn On Your Lovelight


October 17, 2014

Pickering Creek Inn, Phoenixville, PA

1   Cats Under The Stars-I'll Take A Melody-Run For The Roses-Crazy Fingers-Love In The Afternoon-Stagger Lee-Lucky Old Sun-Mighty Quinn
2   Someday Baby-After Midnight>Eyes Of The World>Going Down The Road Feeling Bad-He Ain't Give You None-Every Word You Say-Lonesome And A Long Way From Home>Jam>Sneakin' Sally>Franklins Tower Encore Werewolves Of London
*L.A. Stevenson on Saxophone


October 10, 2014

Groovelink Harvest, Pulaski, NY

1   How Sweet It Is-Tore Up-Stop That Train-High Heel Sneakers-Money Honey-China Cat Sunflower>Jam*>Shakedown Street-The Harder They Come
*Liz Palmeri on Violin

October 9, 2014

Groovelink Harvest, Pulaski, NY

1   That's What Love Will Make You Do-Deal-Standing On The Moon-Think-Ride the Mighty High-Sisters and Brothers-Eyes of the World>Viola Lee Blues-Mystery Trains-Things You Do-Lay Down Sally-US Blues-Why Don't We Do It In The Road-Second That Emotion-Tangled Up In Blue


October 4, 2014

Artstober Fest, Yardley, PA

1   Harder They Come-How Sweet It Is-Tore Up-Catfish John-After Midnight>Jam>Drums>Aiko Aiko>China Cat Sunflower>Shakedown Street>Don't Let Go>Lovelight


September 27, 2014

The Holy Hound, York, PA

1   The Way You Do The Things You Do-Sugaree-Think-Money Honey-Tennessee Jed-That's Alright Mama>Mystery Train-Scarley Begonias>Fire On The Mountain
2   That's What Love Will Make You Do-Sitting In Limbo-Don't Let Go-Row Jimmy-Deal Knockin' On Heavens Door-Eyes Of The World-Midnight Moonlight-Not Fade Away
* first show Terry DeAngelo on keyboards

September 20, 2014

Minglewood Saloon, Philadelphia, PA

1   Bertha-Get Out of My Life Woman-After Midnight-Tore Up-Lay Down Sally-Someday Baby-Stop That Train-Peggy O-Tangled Up In Blue>Lonesome (And A Long Way.From Home> Tangled Up In Blue
2   Cumberland* Blues-China Cat Sunflower*>I Know You Rider*-How Sweet It Is-Positively Fourth Street
High Heel Sneakers-Catfish John-Sisters and Brothers-Dear Prudence-Aiko Aiko Encore Deep Elem Blues-Franklins Tower
* Liz Palmeri on Fiddle

September 12, 2014

Who Hill Family Campout, Doylestown, PA

1   Thats Alright Mama>Mystery Train-Strugglin Man-Ramble On Rose-Big Boss Man-They Love Each Other#%-Thats What Love Will Make You Do%-Just Like Tom Thumb Blues*-The Way You Do The Things You Do-The Harder They Come%-Viola Lee Blues#% encore Deal *Jeff Wandling Vocal # Tom Davis on vocals
**Jeff Wandling last show
&Jesse Wagner on guitar

August 23, 2014

Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA

1   Turn On Your Lovelight>Why Don't We Do It In The Road#-Get Out Of My Life Woman-Catfish John-Black Peter-Second That Emotion-West LA Fadeaway-Think-Stop That Train-Tore Up*
2   The Way You Do The Things You Do-Dear Prudence-Dont Let Go>Thats Alright Mama-People Get Ready#-Sisters And Brothers-Tangled Up*>Lonesome*(And A Long Way From Home>Tangled Up In Blue>Shakedown Street*
*Jesse Wagner on guitar - Leah Stall on lead vocal

August 1, 2014

World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

Tore Up Over You - That's What Love Will Make You Do - Cats Under The Stars - Think - Ride The Mighty High - The Harder They Come - That's Alright Mama - Don't Let Go > Deal
* - with Box Of Rain
** - Jerry Garcia's birthday

July 26, 2014

Triumph Brewing Co., New Hope, PA

Bertha > Good Lovin'- Second That Emotion - Catfish John - Sugaree* - They Love Each Other* - Eyes of the World - Franklins Tower - Dark Star > Deal > Don't Let Go -That's What Love Will Make You Do - The Harder They Come
* - Juan Argueta on guitar
** - Space Rooster opened the show

July 12, 2014

Mermaid Inn, Chestnut Hill, PA

1   Think-Waiting For A Miracle-Love In The Afternoon-Tore Up Over You-Stop That Train-He Ain't Give You None-Sisters And Brothers-Lonesome And A Long Way From Home-Run For The Roses
2   Deal-Crazy Fingers- Someday Baby-Midnight Moonlight-Oh Darling-Get Out Of My Life-Mercedes Benz-Werewolves Of London>Possum>Cumberland Blues-Harder They Come


June 28, 2014

Minglewood Saloon, Philadelphia, PA

1   Sugaree - The Way You Do The Things You Do - Don't Let Go - High Heel Sneakers - Lay Down Sally - Black Peter - Let It Rock - How Sweet It Is - People Get Ready** - Deal
2   China Cat Sunflower > Aiko Aiko > I Know You Rider - Forever Young - Tangled Up In Blue - Money Honey - Terrapin Station > Morning Dew > They Love Each Other - Ripple
*Steve Kurtz on bass
**Leah Stall on lead vocal

June 13, 2014

Opple Topple Music Festival, Warrington, PA

1   Deep Elem Blues - Struggling Man - Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox - Dark Star (v1) > Midnight Moonlight > Dark Star (v2) > Standing On The Moon - Werewolves Of London E - Cats Under The Stars
* - Adam Pasqueal on drums

June 6, 2014

Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA

1   How Sweet It Is - Someday Baby - Don't Let Go - Ramble On Rose - Dear Prudence - Stop That Train - Sitting In Limbo - Ride The Mighty High - Deal
2   Think > Tore Up - The Way You Do The Things You Do - Sugaree - Mighty Quinn - Waiting For A Miracle - That's What Love Will Make You Do - I'll Take A Melody - Why Don't We Do It In The Road? - Tough Mama - Reuben And Cherise > After Midnight
* Opening band - The Happy Dog

May 31, 2014

Goodtimes Getdown Festival, White Haven, PA

1   Viola Lee Blues>Shakedown Street>Get Out of My Life Woman-They Love Each Other-New Speedway Boogie>Jam>Eyes Of The World-Midnight Moonlight>That's Alright Mama-Lonesome And A Long Way From Home-Cats Under The Stars-Harder They Come


May 23, 2014

Havana, New Hope, PA

1   How Sweet It - Get Out Of My Life - Sisters And Brothers - Struggling Man - When I Saw Her Standing There - Lay Down Sally - The Way You Do The Things You Do - Run For The Roses
2   Might As Well - Tore Up - Brown Eyed Women - Don't Let Go - That's What Love Will Make You Do-Think - Positively Fourth Street - Lonesome And A Long Way From Home - Shakedown Street - Me And Bobby McGee - Deal - Ride The Mighty High


May 17, 2014

Surf City Yacht Club, Surf City, NJ

1   Shakedown Street-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Money Honey-Aiko Aiko-Althea-Ride The Mighty High-Ramble On Rose-Tore Up Over You
2   Eyes Of The World-Get Out Of My Life-Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox>That's Alright Mama>Turn On Your Lovelight-**Harder They Come-Deal-Scarlet Begonias >Fire On The Mountain-Sugaree-Forever Young*-Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad *First Play **Happy Birthday Jeff Sussman


May 11, 2014

Pink Flower Benefit, Freeland, PA

1   Peggy O-Sisters And Brothers-Ride The Mighty High-Palm Sunday-I'll Be With Thee-Sugaree-Heart Of Me-Catfish John-You're Not Woman Enough To Take My Man-Knockin' On Heavens Door-Row Jimmy-Wade In The Water-Lonesome And A Long Way From Home-It Must Have Been The Roses-Sunrise-People Get Ready-Gimme One Reason-That's Alright Mama-Midnight Moonlight


May 10, 2014

Holy Hound Tap Room, York, PA

1   Gotta Serve Somebody-Someday Baby-The Harder They Come-Row Jimmy-How Sweet It Is-Think-Lay Down Sally-Tangled Up
2   Aiko Aiko-Woman Are Smarter-Lonesome And A Long Way From Home-That's Alright Mama-The Way You Do The Things You Do-Tough Mama-Eyes Of The World>Drums>After Midnight-Cumberland Blues-Get Out Of My Life-West LA Fadeaway-Franklins Tower


April 24, 2014

Some Kind of Jam 9, Schuylkill Haven, PA

1   Harder They Come-The Way You Do The Things You Do-Cats Under The Stars-Tore Up-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Get Out of My Life-Catfish John-Think-Sisters and Brothers-Deal-Shakedown Street-Breadbox>After Midnight-China Cat Sunflower>Viola Lee Blues-Eyes Of The World


April 18, 2014

World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

1   Tough Mama-High Heeled Sneakers-Row Jimmy-Sugaree-Black Peter-Catfish John-Mighty High-Stop That Train>Cumberland Blues
2   Reuben and Cherise-Cats Under The Stars-How Sweet It Is-Think-Mystery Train-Don't Let Go-Tangled Up In Blue-Deal-Viola Lee Blues-Lay Down Sally-Lovelight


April 12, 2014

The Pickering, Phoenixville, PA

1   Get Out Of My Life Woman-How Sweet It Is-That's What love Will make You do-Positively Fourth Street-Thats Alright Mama>Franklins Tower-Run For The Roses-Lay down Sally-Deal
2   Lonesome And A Long Way From Home-Aint No Bread In The Breadbox-Don't Let Go-Tore Up-Deep Elem Blues-Harder They Come-Someday Baby-Struggling Man-After Midnight>Eleanor Rigby> Eyes Of The World>Shakedown Street *Tony Gioia from Splintered Sunlight on drums


April 5, 2014

Mermaid Inn, Chestnut Hill, PA

1   Bertha-Ramble On Rose-Waiting For A Miracle-Think-Sister And Brothers-How Sweet It Is-Peggy O-Lay Down Sally
2   That's What Love Will Make You Do-Aiko Aiko-The Way You Do The Things You Do-Scarlet Begonias-Fire On The Mountain-Hey Pocky Way*-Get Out Of My Life-I'll Take A Melody-Lonesome And A Long Way From Home-Not Fade Away encore Eyes Of The World>Shakedown Street
*John Bigham vocal

March 29, 2014

The Still, Cedars, PA

1   Second That Emotion-The Way You Do The Things You Do-Might As Well-High Heel Sneakers-Money Honey-Stop That Train-Waiting For A Miracle-Sugaree-Tore Up-Deal
2   Shakedown Street-China Cat Sunflower>Viola Lee Blues-How Sweet It Is-Don't Let Go-Catfish John-Tangled Up In Blue>That's Alright Mama-New Speedway Boogie>Mystery Train-I Saw Her Standing There*-Around And Round*-Mighty Quinn
*Anders Alfelt on lead vocal
**Anders Alfelt played bass and sang all night

March 15, 2014

Mermaid Inn, Chestnut Hill, PA

1   Harder They Come-Tore Up- I'll Take A Melody-Thats What Love Will Make You Do-Jack A Roe-Dont Let Go-Ramble On Rose-Deal
2   After Midnight>Lonesome And A Long Way From Home*-Brown Eyed Women**-Turn On Your Lovelight**-Shakedown Street**-Terrapin Station**-Dear Prudence-Man Of Peace-Going Down The Road Feeling Bad-Viola Lee Blues
*first play
**David Kline (Tennessee Jedi) on guitar

March 14, 2014

Triumph Brewing Co., New Hope, PA

1   Tom Thumb Blues-Might As Well-Positively Fourth Street-Aint No Bread In The Breadbox-Althea-Sisters and Brothers-When Push Comes To Shove-Struggling Man>Gimme Some Lovin'-They Love Each Other-Gotta Serve Somebody*
2   Why Don't We Do If In The Road*-Cats Under The Stars-Someday Baby-Ride The Mighty High-Lay Down Sally-Tough Mama-Box of Rain*-China Cat Sunflower>Fire On The Mountain.
*first play

March 8, 2014

Chaplin's, Spring City, PA

1   Tore Up-Money Honey-Second That Emotion-Run For The Roses-Stagger Lee*-High Heel Sneakers-Cats Under The Stars-Deal-Dark Star>Eyes of the World.
*First Play
**Also on the bill Electrified

February 15, 2014

Jack McShea's, Ardmore, PA

1   Struggling Man - When Push Comes To Shove - Waiting For A Miracle - Black Peter - Tough Mama - They Love Each Other - Aiko Aiko - Get Out Of My Life Woman - Tangled Up
2   Bertha> Good Lovin' - Might As Well - Gimme Some Lovin' - Hey Pocky Way - Mighty High - Shakedown Street - Eyes Of The World - Viola Lee Blues


February 1, 2014

The Pickering, Phoenixville, PA

1   Deal-Midnight Moonlight-How Sweet It Is-Think-Get Out Of My Life Woman-Row Jimmy-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Sisters And Brothers-Harder They Come
2   Brown Eyed Woman-Lay Down Sally-The Way You Do The Things You Do-Tore Up-After Midnight> Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox>Not Fade Away>Drums>Don't Let Go>Slipknot>Franklins Tower>NFA>Breadbox Reprise Enc Struggling Man*
*first play

January 4, 2014

World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

1   Get Out Of My Life Woman-Someday Baby-That's What Love Will Make You Do-Tore Up-Just Like Tom Thumb Blues-Stop That Train-Sisters And Brothers-Deal
2   Wake Up Little Susie*-Harder They Come-Sugaree-Catfish John-Viola Lee Blues-Second That Emotion-Ramble On Rose-Don't Let Go-After Midnight>Eyes Of The World-Franklins Tower
*For Phil Everly - RIP